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Why Choose Us

Purpleleaf Estate Buyers will make you an all cash, as-is, no obligation offer for your property.
We are a team of Veteran Real Estate Investors and Probate Experts here to help you through the perils of probate.
With 20 Years In Business, rest assured you are in good hands. We focus on being A Transparent Company That Delivers On Our Promise.

Who We Are

Whether you have been willed a property, your loved one never included the property in their Will or they did not leave a Will but you have inheritance rights to the property, we can help.

Our number one goal is to help our clients navigate the probate process and purchase assets related to the probate such as any unwanted residential or commercial property or vacant land.

Purpleleaf’s in-house team along with our probate partners has over 38 years’ experience working with people who have inherited property. We know how to get it done.

What can PurpleLeaf Estate Buyers do for you?

For owners of probate property 

Purpleleaf will assist those who have not yet gone through the probate process.

Purpleleaf will assist you with receiving property via probate. We have built relationships with expert probate attorneys. These long-term solid relationships allow us to help you through the probate process in a matter of months at a fraction of the cost.

We have a probate management company we work closely with that handles all of the logistics involved in the probate process. They work together with the Attorneys. If you choose to sell your newly received probate property we can purchase it from you with zero out of pocket expense for you and your family. In some cases we will pay for the probate. We pay cash and can typically get through probate and closing within 30-60 days time in some cases.

We focus on helping the heirs get a quick turnaround

We call our work Probate Real Estate Buyers because we purchase properties that are part of the probate process, but we also buy other types of property as well.

Our Clients Says

Ken Jacobs
Ken Jacobs
handled a complicated estate inheritance solving every problem that arose created by heirs not having up to date documents or having lost essential documents
Norman Jacobs
Norman Jacobs
Mr. Henry was very helpful and communicated well throughout the process. It was a pleasure working with him.
Corey Allen
Corey Allen
Worked with me even dealing with squatters. Hands some bumps but we worked together with the title company to get everything worked out and was overall satisfied.
Joanne Tressler
Joanne Tressler
This is going to be a long review. I say this because when I first received a letter from Howard's company, I was going to dismiss it. My Husband said, "Honey, things are getting rough, we have nowhere to turn, we have nothing to lose, just call them." So I did, so the journey began. Quick back story: My Mom left me the condo that she and my Dad lived in for 43 years, filled with all of their furniture and sentiments, it was still in her name, had to go through the Probate process, the condo is in Florida, I am in upstate NY. Can you imagine? So nearly three years had passed and the covid had hit, I'm paying quarterly fees, I'm behind 3 years on taxes, I have a full-time job and a sick husband. The only thing I was able to do in February of 2019 was spend $4000 to rent a giant truck and take some family and clean out the majority of Mom's furniture and belongings. I went to Surrogate's Court to see if I could begin the Probate process on my own. Forget it. I called a Lawyer. He wanted $7000.00 to start. I wanted to cry. The Condo Association kept telling me I had to make a decision. So then, in late November of 2020, came Howard. He was like an angel to me. His staff took my burden and lifted it. Other than answer a few emails, sign a few papers, and pray every night that this gift from God was real, I DID NOTHING. What a lovely bunch of people. I mean, if you are going through anywhere near what I was going through, and even if you're not, then make your life simple, and let Howard and his staff do the work for you. They were BEYOND fair and honest. I got more for that property than I ever thought I would, considering the taxes owed, the Probate fees, closing fees and God knows what else I would have had to have paid. Howard took care of everything and gave me a big lump sum. Purple Leaf is the REAL deal. Don't hesitate, just do it. God blessed me, now it's your turn. Thank you again, Howard, my love to all of you!
Robbin Lacey
Robbin Lacey
I have witnessed Howard and the employees of PurpleLeaf Estate Buyers go above and beyond to help rightful heirs, who cannot afford the costs of probate, successfully guide & maneuver through the arduous and time-consuming probate process so that the property can be sold and estate assets go to these heirs. The company has been in business for over 20 years and have helped thousands of heirs and beneficiaries of estates in Florida and beyond. I have found Howard and his staff to be professional, efficient, caring, good listeners and the company pays a fair value for the properties, depending on the condition. I highly recommend doing business with PurpleLeaf Estate Buyers.
Jackie Davis
Jackie Davis
Well educated and smart
Lut Clarcq
Lut Clarcq
Purple Leaf is an incredibly respectful, honest and professional firm to work with. They truly go the extra mile and it's clear they understand what their clients are going through. I was so pleased with the entire experience!

PurpleLeaf is the Probate Partner You Have Been Searching for…

If you are an heir to a property that requires a probate, or you are a real estate investor needing assistance with a probate property, please let us know today, We can help save you time and money.

PurpleLeaf buys properties of all types, the good, the bad and the ugly!

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